ITIN Loans & Financing an ITIN Mortgage

Mortgage Rates

ITIN Loans are available from a number of lenders right now and the programs are designed to help ITIN Number holders apply and get qualified. If you are ready to start the pre-qualification process, just click the green “Get Started” button above.

In order to see if you meet the ITIN Requirements by applying online, it might be a good time to consider steps in deciding if the time is right for an ITIN Mortgage:

Step 1: Assess your finances
The first step is getting a handle on your finances to determine how much you can actually afford to pay on a mortgage every month. This means tracking your expenses and figuring out how much you have left over after figuring out how much you want to contribute to various savings like your 401K, retirement, college funds, etc..

Step 2: Get pre-approved for your mortgage
This is a step that many people skip. It’s a pain, but worth it in the long run to do. There is actually some confusion about getting pre-approved or pre-qualified for your mortgage. The two terms do not mean the same thing.
Step 3: Find a house
Once you know what you can spend on a home, it’s time to start looking. Before you see anything, consider the things that you really need in a home vs. what you really want in a home.
Step 4: Get a mortgage
Once you have settled with the seller, it’s time to get your mortgage. If you are already pre-qualified, you are ready to go and can immediately purchase your house.
Step 5: Close on your house
After you have your mortgage and before you can move to closing, there are often a few other things than need to be done. These vary from state to state, but they often include a title search, getting homeowner’s insurance, well testing, a termite inspection, and a final walk through.
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